The Traveller's Guide to North Queensland

Travellers Guide Book CoverWELCOME TO WILDERNESS, North Queensland style! The tropical city of Cairns is uniquely situated in being central to a spectacular variety of landscapes within a half day's journey. For locals looking for a weekend getaway the choices are enormous, and can at times be frustrating or confusing. For visitors to this northern city of Australia, the options usually go unnoticed in favour of the more widely-known destinations that can be congested with tourist buses and other mobile visitors.

Being primarily interested photographing the true North Queensland wilderness that is off the beaten track and away from the usual postcard subjects, I began to discover some great places mostly only known to “locals”. My initial goal was to produce the ultimate photographic publication on this part of the world. However you have to crawl before you walk so after being frequently asked by acquaintances to recommend destinations for a trip away and sometimes being at a loss, not knowing exactly the sort of experience desired, I started making a list of every place I had visited or heard about and categorised them into degrees of suitability dependant upon the person(s) and time of the year. I quickly had enough destinations to fill every weekend of the year.

With a little encouragement I decided to expand on the details of these suggestions to come up with this guide that should take some of the difficulty out of where to take yourself, friends or family for a day or two or longer on foot, car, boat or canoe. As well, the book will assist those organising a holiday to the Cairns area by providing information necessary to plan your activities in some detail before you leave.

In this latest full colour edition, I have collated information obtained over the last 30 years of visiting and living in North Queensland driving and walking along every track I find. As you will see, I have included all information I consider relevant to enhance your visit to the North Queensland, as well as suggestions and requirements to ensure that the impact of your visit is not detrimental to the environment and does not lessen the experience for others.

I hope you enjoy your travels as much as I have.

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